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Shustoke Barns Farm Wedding

A damp drizzly morning dawned for a today’s wedding! Luckily no hair on my head to get ruined, lol! Today I was assisting fellow wedding photographer John Dent, a regular Shustoke wedding photographer. I was assigned to the grooms room for the wedding prep. A slightly nervous groom and groomsmen met me. The regular issue soon arose, who can tie a windsor knot? I’m sure I was a valet or butler in a former life as yep five ties later all the groomsmen look very smart. The bride and groom arranged a double decker bus, to take their guests to Shustoke Barns Farm wedding venue. Guess who got a trip on a big red bus? Good fun it was to, if rather bumpy!

The rain kept falling

The ceremony went perfectly, as did the drinks reception. The rain eased so we dashed outside to shoot the group shots. The kids where perfectly behaved staying out of all the puddles……. err, not. As a parent my heart went out to their parents the soggy trouser bottoms, soaked frilly socks and ballet slippers.  They were having the best time though.

The party really got started.

Next the meal, speeches, cake and confetti all done and dusted. Now the party can really get started. With evening guests arriving John and I stole the Bride and Groom away for some portraits. Next was the first dance, soon the dance floor was full of guests all getting in the swing of things literally in some cases.

My first experience as a Shustoke Wedding Photographer

So all in all my first experience as a Shustoke Wedding Photographer was a good one lots of fun laughter and only a few happy tears. The venue and staff were fab the food even better, I couldn’t recommend it more.


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