Shearsby Bath Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography at Shearsby Bath, Leicestershire

So this day started bright and early because we had to fit two weddings into one day. I arrived at the brides family home to a frenzy of activity but all appeared controlled on the surface. Today’s wedding was a mix of both traditional English and Hindu ceremony, and was to all be held at Shearsby Bath Wedding venue in the rural Leicestershire countryside.

The Bridal preparations went smoothly with the exception perhaps of the trimming the false eye lashes once attached to the eye lid, the MUA had a steadier hand than I for that trim! With so many happy faces it was hard to know where to shoot first. All ready and time to head to Shearsby Bath Wedding Venue for a very interesting, amusing and at times emotional, Hindu wedding ceremony.

Shearsby Bath Wedding Photography

Funny story, all the way through the ceremony I assumed the slightly pensive, fidgety groom was just very nervous! After all anyone whose been to yet alone involved in a Hindu wedding ceremony knows there are many facets to it all with great significance, you don’t want to mess it up, right! Well turns out I was wrong all he needed was a comfort break!  But when you wed in a Hindu ceremony you end u attached to each other!!

After a short break for food and a outfit change bride and groom emerged again  for a civil ceremony inside the rustic Shearsby Bath Wedding venue. The inside group shot was a stroke of genius on behave of the B&G who are selfie fans. They also created one of my favourite shots of 2017 that of them holding hands whilst saying their vows to each other.

Afterwards the party really got going with many shots and much dancing. Lots and lots of fun that night. I had a great day and night but after 14hrs on my feet I was ready to put my feet up.

Below is a small snapshot of the day.

A thank you to Shearsby Bath Wedding Venue and all the suppliers that made the day a great one for this happy couple.

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