Bridal Prep

My days nearly always start with the bridal Preparations, it’s the foundation of the wedding day and I always try to start the day in full professional mode! Then the bridesmaids start with the fizz (now I don’t drink) but it’s always the time the fun and silliness start. I’m also aware I do tend to stand out as the only 6-foot hairy male, but I soon blend in and just become one of the girls, a spare bridesmaid if you will. The prep time is also good for me to find my assistants should I need one or two later during couples’ shots. Prep time allows me time as well to get all the beautiful images of dresses, flowers, shoes, etc when they are still new, shiny, fresh and looking amazing. So few people get to see the bridal preparations that on the rare occasion the bride doesn’t want this part of the day covering, I feel it’s such a shame.