Newton House Barns Wedding

Newton House Barns Wedding


Candid Wedding Photography Derbyshire

It was April when I shot The Newton House Barns Wedding of Kirsty & Adam

The weather was fine warm and sunny, until it rained! actually it was great day for photography with clouds scudding through. I started as I always do with the bridal prep. I arrived at the beautiful home of Kirsty’s parents, I was met with bacon butties and mugs of tea, nothing like getting the photographer on side from the moment he arrives. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of nerves and chaos! I had a feeling it would be calm I hoped it would be calm. The bridesmaids were a good giggle and I soon made friends, they were less calm than the bride. All was going well, really well bride was in her frock then a big ooops moment, all laced in and she had forgotten her petty coat!!!!! An interesting few minutes passed as mum and bridesmaids ‘helped’ Kirsty get in her petty coat without removing the entire dress. I shot from a discrete distance but there was no way I was letting this gem escape the collection. Thankfully that was the only Ooops moment of the day. Then we were off to Newton House Barns Wedding venue, this was a new location for me, so anticipation was high.

The marquee based venue was large and airy with some beautifully manicured gardens, (those who know me know I have a horticultural bent) Although the mosquitos around the ponds where rather persistent in the evening.  The ceremony the food the dancing the cake the band who were ace might I say, everything else went smoothly and to plan. even the occasional shower didn’t stop the fun and enjoyment.

The gardens and entrances were well used during the photography shoots which i keep short to allow the couple to enjoy the company of their guest and not my company!  Newton House Barns Wedding photography was fun and easy.

As the afternoon rolled it evening I shot more and more, the drink flowed and people fell over, its all part of the day and a great time was had by all, me included.


Once again I would like to thank you on producing such amazing pictures of our special day…and being another bridesmaid!

K & A


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Destination: Derbyshire | Venue: Newton House Barns Wedding  | Setting: Barns/Marquee



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