Leicestershire Wedding Photography


Leicestershire Wedding Photography

There is something very special about a couple getting married in an area that has real meaning to them. The parish church they have always attended and the reception venue in a village that has family connections. This is the story with a lovely couple who’s village wedding in rural Leicestershire Wedding Photography was a pleasure.

Let down

Originally the groom contacted me to hire my wedding cars for his big day and a chance conversation lead us to talking about wedding photography, which he had already booked. Then by fellow photographer referred me to a couple who’s post he had seen about there wedding photographer letting them down. I popped a link on the post and forgot all about it. About a week later I had an email from my car groom talking about photography, I got terribly confused. Then the Bride who’s name was different got in touch, I got even more confused. Then thankfully all the pennies dropped and we met for a chat.

A reserved couple

Apparently, the Bride and Groom are reserved and rather shy, err I’d beg to differ but I’m not complaining. The day its self started dry but breezy with only a slight threat of rain, which never appeared. The day was warm, very warm and the brides house was a buzz with activity when I arrived. Quick intros and I start shooting all the fun of the preparations.  I’m always sad when a bride doesn’t want this stage of the day recording, because so few see it. It was imperative that the bride arrived early as it is a standing joke she is always late, but guess what she was early.

Ceremony and group shots all done, off to the reception. The conversion of a plain room to a fantastic, decorated room was outstanding and the B&G should be very proud of their efforts. The rest of the day was filled with laughter and even a few tears. Family, friends and children make a wedding and this one had them all, I was privileged to play a small party in that. Good luck

Good luck to you for the future your day was excellent and I hope that’s the worst day you ever have from that point onwards.

If you have a special day to plan consider the small and intimate it is as beautiful and special as the grand gesture.

So if your getting married in Leicestershire wedding photography should be an important part of your family heirloom let me help you create it.

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All the best Nick

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