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Last Minute Booking for a Dodmoor House Wedding Northamptonshire.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m planning a quiet weekend with the family. Putting up the Christmas tree and all the things you do on a weekend approaching this festive time of year. The phone rings, I answer, its a client who I regularly work with. He tells me a story about his business partner getting married and them not wanting a fuss with a photographer and its all on the down low and very low key affair. “Where is the wedding” I ask? “The weddings at Dodmoor House Wedding Venue near Daventry,  Northamptonshire, do I know it? “Yep I certainly do” says I. “Good” he says “are you free tomorrow?”. I pause, “did you say tomorrow?” ” Yeah, its a bit short notice i know but we’d love you to shoot it”. A bit short notice was rather an understatement! I agreed he gave me the times and the happy couples names and told me he would see me there.

The day, the weather and confetti

I arrived 16 hours after taking the call to meet the guys, what a great couple, so in love. After meeting the grooms I did my usual mingle and acquainted myself with Dodmoor House Wedding Venue. I have been to the venue many times with my wedding cars (BRF Classic Cars) but this was a first with a camera in hand. I have to say the staff and the venue itself where very user friendly. The Ceremony went perfectly as did the drinks reception. Normally I would do group shots and confetti at this point but the heavens had opened and the wind got up. A small change of plan and another first for me, indoor confetti, this was going to be fun. I lined everyone up set up a couple of flashes and got the guests to pelt the guys with confetti. The result well my favorite ever confetti shot! As a foot note at one point there was so much confetti in the air I thought one of the grooms might choke, after inhaling the stuf.

So if its a last minute wedding or something you have been planning for a while Dodmoor House Wedding Venue is most definitely worth a look. Drop me a message to, I would love to revisit the venue perhaps on a warmer, dryer day.


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