Courteenhall Wedding Photography

Courteenhall Wedding Photography


Candid Wedding Photography Northamptonshire

It was June when I shot The Courteenhall Wedding Photography of Kate & Graham

The weather was fine warm and sunny, actually it was hot really hot and it wasn’t even mid-morning. I started as I always do with the bridal prep. I arrived at the beautiful Georgian Courteenhall estate, my second visit in two weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of nerves and chaos! I had a feeling it would be calm I hoped it would be calm, as the temperature outside was slow creeping up. I shot some lovely images around the bridal prep rooms and when the groom arrived some with cars and him looking a little pensive. Soon we are all ready and today I’m working with a two-person video team which makes things a little more awkward as you become conscience of their presence. The outside ceremony was beautiful and as soon as you may kiss the bride was out the way, bride, groom and guests made a beeline for any shade they could find.

Courteenhall Wedding Photography gives you almost to many options to shoot and I found myself having to dismiss new vistas as I had already shot something similar already, it’s a hard life, lol….

As the afternoon rolled it evening I shot more and more, the drink flowed and people fell over, its all part of the day and a great time was had by all, me included.



We love it Nick!!!!!

Thank you so much, what a lovely surprise! The music is amazing too.

We love the pictures you’ve chosen, it did make us laugh, cry & shout out loud-just wonderful! Xx

Thank you so much, we are so glad we chose you as our photographer

K & G


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Destination: Northamptonshire | Venue: Courteenhall Estate  | Setting: Country house



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