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The Dorchester Wedding, Park Lane, London

Documentary Wedding Photography London

It was in the month of August when I shot The Dorchester Wedding of Holly and Dan.

The Dorchester Wedding Hotel for those who don’t know is an iconic hotel on Park Lane London UK. It first opened its doors as a hotel in April 1931, but the site location had first been a private house from 1792, with many incarnations in that near century and a half. To say I was stoked to get the chance to shoot a wedding at such an amazing venue was an understatement.

The weather was fine warm and sunny, but the wind had sprung up from nowhere, hmmm hold that thought. I started as I always do with the bridal prep. I had expected a house full as I had already shot the brides sister’s wedding, but I think Holly out did herself. The family home was full of people in various stages of preparedness. I like the prep to be hectic though it allows me to blend in even more than normal. Bridal prep complete we headed on foot to the lovely St Martins church in Ruislip. The wind was playing havoc with veils and hair, so Reverend Ken was eager to get proceedings underway. Ceremony complete and with the groom now breathing, we head to a small beautifully maintained park next door to the church for group shots and confetti before boarding coaches that will take us to Park Lane and the Dorchester Wedding Hotel. To arrive at any venue and have immaculately turned out doormen open the door and escort you to the wedding rooms is so special, a real thrill I hope to have again. Back to the wedding. Wow the rooms are stunning as you would expect, the service superb and so many photo opportunities I would have to rein myself in. I could sit here and write for hours on the drinks reception, the food, the speeches, the cake cutting, the first dance and the evening shenanigans but I won’t, the photo film gives my quirky eye view on the day and the handful of images below tell a story of two great people truly in love who tied the knot.

Dear Nick FANTASTIC!!! Thank you, Nick! Love them!!! Dan and I will get picking for the album! Love, love, love them! Holly & Dan I think she loves them! 

 Is my Candid Wedding Photography https://nickfreemanweddingphotography.co.uk/portfolio/ style something you would like for you big day? I guarantee no fuss, faff or futz!! The Dorchester Wedding of Holly and Dan, did you like what you saw? Are you getting married at the Dorchester Wedding Hotel, Park Lane, London UK. Or indeed a small quiet affair then click the contact me button. I love shooting weddings of any style, size or location everyone to me is special. Dress @galialahav #GLGala www.galialahav.com/bridal-gala Venue www.dorchestercollection.com www.instagram.com/dorchestercollection/Location dressing theweddinglounge.com/news/ www.instagram.com/theweddinglounge/ Bridesmaids dresses www.instagram.com/chichiclothing/

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