Buckminster Village Wedding

Buckminster Village Wedding


Candid Wedding Photography Leicestershire

It was May when I shot Buckminster Village Wedding of Liz & Graham

The weather was fine warm and sunny, until it almost rained! actually it was great day for photography with clouds scudding through but staying hot. I started as I always do with the bridal prep. I arrived at the home of Liz’s parents. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of nerves and chaos! I had a feeling it would be calm I hoped it would be calm and it was very chilled and relaxed. The bridesmaids were a good giggle and I soon made friends. All was going well, the Bride was almost ready to go The VW Camper had arrived, then a bridesmaid determined to beat her husbands step count for the day put her fit bit (other monitoring devices are available) on her ankle at least it didn’t ruining the flow of the outfits lol. Then we were off to Buckminster Village Wedding  church on arrival I was met by a smiling but slightly tense groom. The Vicar had a few things to run past me, which often means stand hear don’t move. But not this vicar he had ambition and wanted to prank the best man, and in so doing put me in a better than usual position at the alter. See images for the dowsing he got, all in good spirit of course.  The wedding its self had military undertones with both B&G having strong connections. With swords at the ready the B&G emerged from the church to a guard of honour, plus a lucky sweep. the girls even decided it was traditional for them to hold the groom aloft! All this and we aren’t at the reception yet, that was just a short walk from the church.

The Village hall venue was a newly restored building well appointed  and with the addition of a Tipi in the grounds was well covered in case the wet stuff arrived. The Buckminster Village Wedding and the general location meant beautiful locations for photography lurked at every angle. The day rolled on the food was ace, the speeches entertaining then the real party started.

As the afternoon rolled it evening I shot more and more, the drink flowed and people fell over, actually I don’t no how they didn’t fall over, its all part of the day and a great time was had by all, me included.


Thank you, the photos are great and you’ve captured the fun we had which is fab! You are right, it wasn’t as scary as we (I) thought!

We will have a good look through the photos and choose a favourites -which might be difficult!

L & G


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Destination: Leicestershire | Venue: Buckminster Village Wedding  | Setting: Barns/Tipi



Venue – https://buckminster.co.uk/

Tipi –https://www.samitipi.co.uk/

MUA – https://www.alicecourtnellmakeupartist.com/

Hair – https://www.browns-hair.co.uk/stamford-hairdressing-salon/

Magician – https://www.facebook.com/magicianzak

Flowers – https://www.byarrangement.org

Catering – https://www.thomasthecaterer.co.uk

Transport – http://www.cathedralcampers.co.uk

Chimney Sweep – http://meadowchimneysweep.co.uk/

Photography www.nickfreemanweddingphotography.co.uk www.instagram.com/nicksworldinpictures/

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